Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you a "Hubber"?

I found Hubpages about a month or so ago, it's interesting reading other peoples' "hubs", so I started writing my own, then I got involved in this webpage and have slaked quite a bit. I found out quickly that you can actually make money writing a "hub" aka "Blog" - worth a try right?
I figured I'd post this if anyone out there likes to write or keep a journal and wants to make a few dollars while doing it. I made some and had no clue how it happened, as you can see from the hub I'm linking to this page, lol. I know a little more now, it's basically writing hubs and linking them to either amazon or google adsense and having them be interesting enough where ads get placed and people click on them, thats how you make your money....simple enough right? Very simple, especially if you enjoy writing. You make money or you don't, if you love what you do, then you win all around.
I Made Money On AdSense And Dont Know How It Happened!

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