Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Popular Magazines as low as $3 a YEAR!!!!

Magazine Subscriptions as low as $3.00 a year!

OVER 25 popular Magazines as low as $3 a YEAR with a 1 year subscription which you can cancel at any time!!!!
(**TIP: I usually mark the cancellation date a few weeks beforehand on my calendar, so I wont forget to cancel if I don't want to continue with the magazine)

  •  5 listed for under $5 a year
  •  8 listed for under $8 a year
  • 11 listed for under $10 a year
  • 13 listed for under $15 a year
Redbook, Cosmo, Popular Mechanics, O Magazine, House Beautiful, Town and Country, Arts & Crafts... just to name a few.

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