Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Style Snaps for $10!! BOGO!

Have you seen the Style snaps? These are great!!

It's easy - Now you can change your hem as often as you change your shoes!
Style Snaps™ unique adhesive makes them adjustable, reusable and safe on any fabric! adhesive snap hem that allows you to simply SNAP under your long hem for flats & UNSNAP to slip back into heels. You can change your shoes, not your pants, to get the look you want.

Style Snaps™ are not just for hems.
You can use Style Snaps™ to tame unruly lapels, belts and shirts! Without a stitch. It’s fabric friendly and a cinch to apply.
It just couldn’t be easier!

They are also great for kids to grow into their pants that are too long, but fit great at the waist.

They are not available in stores! For only $10 plus S&H you get a total of 32 snaps!

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