Friday, April 22, 2011

Twitter & GFC Fans

I need a lot more followers on twitter to be able to start doing reviews and we know that most reviews = FREE GIVEAWAYS to my fans!! Also, if you can just take a quick second to follow me on Google Friend Connect, that helps too! You'll find GFC towards the bottom right hand side of my page! I will follow each and every person that follows me, unless you don't want me to! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST so I can follow you back, especially for GFC because it takes a lot of searching to see who is new. (Helps if you want other followers as well, we're all here to help each other out, I am anyway, lol )
Once again, thanks for being a fan and for taking advantage of the offers that I post which help me keep this site open! You guys/gals are the BEST!

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  1. Following on twitter and on your blog
    twitter name @mariaf9

  2. Thanks for visiting Tales From the Nursery - I'm following you on GFC :)

    Darcy @ TFTN

  3. Hi! You stopped by my blog last Wednesday for the Alexa Hop and I got so far behind that I'm just now catching up. First of all, thank you for coming by. Second, I'm returning the favor and brought along my Alexa toolbar. Finally, I'm now following you on Twitter and GFC! Hope you can get your followers up!


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