Saturday, September 3, 2011

7 Free Blockbuster Kiosk DVD Codes

Use these codes to score 7 more FREE DVD rentals. These codes expire on September 9 and are valid on $1 DVD rentals only.

Enter code: 79JEAH3
Enter code: 59TTDR7
Enter code: 45PGAR3
Enter code: 44KRVF8
Enter code: 28RMAQ3
Enter code: 94AGSF8
Enter code: 35TPLD8

 Thanks to I Crave Freebies for the heads up! :)

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  1. how does this work? will multiple people be able to use the same coupon codes?

  2. Yes, everyone can use them. The only thing is you can only use "each" code once on your credit/debit card.


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