Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here's your chance to win Gift Cards and more!!

If you aren't a member yet, join now by clicking HERE!

What is Prize Note?
Well first of all, it's free and only takes minutes to join! They randomly choose a member of their site to win a prize Monday thru Friday!

It pays to refer your friends.  If they win, you win the exact same prize! 

How does it work?
Every Prizenote member will receive their own unique Prizenote account where they can start accumulating points.  Points can be awarded for actions like referring new members or for entering special contests.  As your points accumulate, you'll earn the right to trade your points in for a variety of items in our Prizenote store.  This includes gift certificates to your favorite restaurants, spas and other entertainment venues.  Join Prizenote now and start accumulating your points today!

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