Thursday, February 16, 2012

12 pack kit of Push-up Containers only $16.99!

12 pack kit of Push-up Containers. Great for Ice Cream, Cake, Pudding or any refreshing desert. Fill these with the desert of your choice and then share your creation with your friends or family. Push up cake container only. The stand and the filled cake containers in the picture not included. For illustration purposes only. Picture is property of The Foam Studio and Fake Cake Cafe, permission must be granted before your own personal use. Be sure to check out our Push up Container stand. An absolute must have to hold your containers while you are creating your desert art.

Push Pop Containers with Lid 12 ct. Clear Plastic Push up Pops

Product Features

12 pack kit of Push-up Containers.
12 Containers, 12 Lids, 12 Push Rods, 12 Bases.
The push rod easily snaps into the base and creates a tight seal.

Price: $16.95

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